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Floppy Hat

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Product Details
  • Good looking with multi-color selections: This is a large brim sunshine protective straw hat fits for ladies, teens, and tweens in many occasions; You can match it easily with your dress, bikini, shorts, and jeans
  • High-quality material:100% paper straw, lightweight with the thick and luxurious material; Sweatband will protect your head from rubbing, large brim will keep you away from directly sunshine
  • Why need a big brim sunhat: This sunhat will protect you from directly sunshine, means it will cut part of ultraviolet rays which will hurt your skin; It's just as when you attend tanning salon, you still need put cream to prevent burning your skin because of exposure too long time
  • Suitable occasions: Nice wear to go in the beach, park, swimming pool, camping, hiking, gardening, boating, walking dogs, parade, derby and any places you need a sunhat to provide shade for your face, neck, and shoulders from ultraviolet rays
  • Foldable: This is a foldable hat, you can pack it easily in your bag and take away when you don't need for a while; You will find that it's easily sprung back into good shape after folding and putting it in your luggage or suitcase while traveling.